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Go Bold with Industrial Lighting in Toronto

With today’s ever-increasing focus on the relationship of function and design, even the simplest industrial lighting fixtures can make a bold statement. Once the domain of factories and workshops, industrial lighting in Toronto has become extremely popular in restaurants, mill style offices, residential kitchens and family living spaces to name a few. If you are looking for the perfect lights to brighten your industrial space, choose Vintage Lighting By Victorian Revival. 


What Do We Offer? 

At Vintage Lighting By Victorian Revival in Toronto, our industrial lighting fixtures have been professionally rewired to make them safe, functional, and ready to love! Our fixtures come in a variety of finishes, such as steel, unpolished and painted metal, weathered bronze, brass and more. Whether your space evokes a loft-like style, an industrial “chic” look, or a modern country or rustic-style vibe, you cannot go wrong when you inject lighting with industrial appeal. Some of our most popular industrial lighting fixtures in Toronto include:

Pendant lights

Wall lights

Nautical lights

Barn lights

Tee lights

Hanging cage lights

And much more

Visit Our Online Catalogue

Ready to inject a little industrial-style ambiance to your space? Browse our selection of antique, industrial ceiling and wall lighting fixtures by visiting our online shop. All online purchases are secure with PayPal. For additional details about an item, please call us.


Our collection of products includes industrial furniture and custom lighting fixtures. Check out our projects to learn more.

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Specializing in vintage and antique light fixtures, curios and a variety of décor since 1974.

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