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Custom Lighting for Restaurants in Toronto

Transform Your Restaurant with Custom Lighting Solutions

Opening a new restaurant in Toronto or looking to redesign your current one? Victorian Revival is here to elevate your space with bespoke lighting designs that perfectly match your restaurant’s theme. Whether you're aiming for a warm, vintage ambiance or a sleek, modern look, our expertise in custom light fixtures guarantees a perfect fit.

Our Services

Tailored to Your Vision

From the conceptual design phase to the final installation, we work closely with you to ensure the lighting complements and enhances your restaurant’s unique style. Our extensive experience spans various dining environments, including:


Lighting for Event Centers

Lighting for Food Halls

Lighting for Bars

Lighting for Lounges

Lighting for Cafés

Lighting for Restaurants

Is your current restaurant in need of a lighting makeover? Our team can redesign your lighting to improve both its aesthetic and functional aspects, breathing new life into your dining space.

Lighting Solutions for New Restaurants

Starting from the ground up? Let Victorian Revival craft custom lighting solutions that align with the vision and design of your new restaurant. We ensure every fixture enhances the dining experience, making your restaurant stand out from the competition.


Vintage or Modern Aesthetics

We offer an extensive range of custom lighting solutions catering to various styles:

Antique Chandeliers: Exquisite and ornate, perfect for creating a focal point in any dining room.

Industrial Lighting Fixtures: Rugged and stylish, adding a touch of industrial chic.

Modern Pendant Lights: Sleek and sophisticated, ideal for contemporary designs.

Sophisticated Wall Sconces: Timeless elegance that enhances both vintage and modern interiors.

Our collection of lighting fixtures is designed to create a captivating ambiance that aligns with your restaurant's unique character, whether it’s vintage or modern.

Why Choose Victorian Revival?

Expert Craftsmanship: With a focus on quality and artistry, each piece we create is a masterpiece in itself.

Tailored Lighting Solutions: Custom designs to suit your restaurant’s specific needs and aesthetics.

Comprehensive Services: From consultation to installation, we provide end-to-end solutions.

Local Expertise: As Toronto's premier destination for vintage and custom lighting, we understand the local market and trends.

Sustainable Practices: We restore and repurpose antique fixtures to preserve history and reduce waste.


Ready to Transform Your Toronto Restaurant?

Ready to transform your Toronto restaurant’s ambiance with custom lighting? Contact Victorian Revival today at 416-789-1704 to discuss your vision. Explore our extensive catalog and discover how our custom lighting solutions can bring your restaurant’s design to life.

Explore the enchanting world of Victorian Revival by visiting our showroom at 1150 Castlefield Ave, York, ON M6B 1E9, Toronto. Discover a wide variety of antique and custom lighting fixtures that are sure to captivate your aesthetic sense and satisfy your needs.

Reimagining Existing Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you offer lighting solutions for both new and existing restaurants? 

Yes, we provide custom lighting solutions tailored for both new restaurants and existing establishments looking to redesign their lighting.


Can you create custom lighting that matches the specific theme of my restaurant?

Absolutely. We work closely with our clients to design custom lighting fixtures that perfectly complement their restaurant’s theme and style.


What types of lighting fixtures do you offer? 

Our offerings include antique chandeliers, industrial lighting fixtures, modern pendant lights, wall sconces, and more.

Do you provide installation services? 

Yes, we offer comprehensive services from consultation and design to installation, ensuring a seamless experience.


Can I visit your showroom to see your collection in person?

Definitely. Visit our showroom at 1150 Castlefield Ave, York, ON M6B 1E9, Toronto to explore our extensive range of antique and custom lighting fixtures. 

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